Garden Work
A Residence Is Made Of Board And Beams...
A Home Is Made Of Love & Dreams.
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April 10th 2011 & we are trying our best.
Today we pruned the Leyland trees, collected garbage, & raked leaves on Sedgwick Ave and Giles. Of course not all leaves could be picked up in one day. Garden cards where placed in mailboxes. So much to do.

 My donation for 2011 will START at $136.
Mulch, soil & plant food will be purchased.
Your donations are extremely important.

Emily from Building A, airing the soil with shoe spikes.

Garden Purchases and Donations.
From the beginning of the year, I receive a numerous amount of garden catalogs which I review before the weather gets warm.

As Spring comes near, David and I visit several garden centers and begin purchasing other items that maintain the courtyard.

Katie Building A & Kenny Building K, planting annuals.

Gardening is very expensive.
Your donations reimburse a lot of those purchases.
With Management companies not being stable, the gardens are maintained by a few volunteers.

Katie & Katia Building A, planting annuals.

Tommy & Son Building A, volunteer to get compost.

Myself, residents from long ago visiting the courtyard, & Winter, a garden volunteer.

Tenants from Building M,N,& O section

Friends visiting a tenent.
Crystal from Building D and best friend Alya, since 1st grade, planting & watering.

Girls are hard at work!

The next big project will be replacing the little green broken rusted fencing around the courtyard.
David and I put these fences up for a short time to deter the garden plots from being walked on. 
If anyone knows of a company or organization that may want to participate in the renovation and donate the fencing and the labor to have them installed even if it's a couple of garden plots, PLEASE contact me at

I have a fence type in mind which you can view right here. (Fence Picture)

 If anyone out there knows of a philamthropist please let them know how desperately we need the fencing!
Katie planting annuals below.

In search for a Utopian community, I have found peacefulness on the grounds of this garden courtyard.

Though it has changed names, owners, and managers, this buildings will always be in the history books known as  "The Sholom Aleichem Houses".

 After all, the Hebrew greeting "Sholom Aleichm" literally means...
"Peace be upon you".

What a great beginning every day for each and everyone of us.

Garden lady in front of Yoshino building b
Magnolia leaves beginning Spring.

Important Notice.

We may not physically be here all the time but are hearts are.

We are committed to see the ENTIRE garden grow for generations to come and not just the individual areas.

Your additions of plants to particular areas that have been gardened previously by us or others are great. If you enjoy gardening and want to do more of it, we need the help.

Be courteous and don't remove or transplant ESTABLISHED plants that have been growing in a particular area. Doing so not only harms or kills the plant but it defeats the mission of this garden which is to plant items that will be here for generations. This has happened before which is why it is mentioned here.

Let's focus on enjoying the gardening work and let go of the complaints, personal opinions and criticisms. There is no room for those things to grow in this courtyard.


          All in a day's work March 13th 2011         Kwanson tree in center courtyard 3/11

          Pruned roses, raked leaves, removed thrown garbage, & replaced dead shrubs