Home Is Where Your Story Begins.


Building A side garden in May.   Korean student watering the garden.    Building F

Below(Azalea) building A /no longer there:(

In and out of these gates, we walk through.
Children walk these gates too.
And when this child grows up & we are no longer to be
Let them remember the safe haven
of nature that surrounded them.
Let me see my child's smile
As they walk through those same fences...

so that I may smile back.
Walk through the courtyard and look around.
Observe, admire, & acknowledge.
Have the strength & courage to protect.

We may only have a rented apartment
And someone else does own these buildings...
Nature, however, is given to us by GOD.
After a hard days work of obligations
and responsibility, walking through
these black fences,
you should feel the peace
this world is meant to offer...

  Front of building M, N. O 2005 

We have different ideas  and opinions of what a garden should be like.
    However, keep in mind that it's the one commonality that brings us together...be grateful that you have a garden to plant in.

Gardens should bring out the BEST in one. Let's see more of that.


View from Building E & F                Front of office building               Yoshino tree Building B (Spring)

Front of Building A when it's mulched!                View at Spring time of rear buildings