Botanicals In The Courtyard
Everyday Is A Gift...                           First Flowering...Iris's in late May...
Daffodials (spring)
Iris"s (mid spring)

Center Garden Iris's

Daylillies (summer)
Native Daylillies (summer)
Hosta (summer)
Astible (summer)
Black-Eyed Susan (fall)

Yearly Ongoing Materials
Fertilizer spikes for trees.
Fertilizer for grass.
Various granular plant foods
Fall bulbs for spring

Evergreens on Sedgwick Avenue, front office.

This list of the courtyard botanicals will be updated as more botanicals are purchased.  Plant pictures will also be uploaded.
Botanical discription, location and some information on the plant itself will eventually be placed on this page. As the garden grows so will the Bronx Courtyard website.

Crabapple Tree Building D

White Dogwood in front of stairs leading to 238th

Beautiful is WaveHill and The Bronx Botanical Gardens . I visit it often gather design ideas when purchasing botanicals for the courtyard gardens. The Bronx Zoo is used as a reference for mulches on the grounds.

It's impressive how many different types of items the courtyard has acquired. Every year the garden gains more botanicals.  Maybe one day these gardens will be renamed The Bronx Botanical Courtyard Apartments.

Flowering Ornamental Trees
Dwarf Magnolia (1) spring flowering
Dogwood (14) late spring flowering
Pee-Gee Hydrangea (4) summer flowering
Yoshinas (4) early spring
Thunderbolt Plum (2) early spring
Kwanson (12) spring

Crabapples (6) mid spring
Bradford Pears (2) spring
Japanese Maples (3) reddish, 3 seasons

Dwarf Rose (1) summer

Green Trees
Canopy Trees (3)
Large Pine (3)
Holly (2)

Azaleas (13+) mid spring
Rhododemdrums (6+) late spring
Lilacs (5) mid spring
Rose Bushes (50+) spring & summer
Corneaster (6)
Hydrangea (5) summer
Hibiscus (8+) late summer

Ground Covers
Spreading Juniper