Bronx Courtyard Gardens
Come inside into a Bronx Courtyard secret garden.
Hello NYC the Bronx!
We are Elizabeth and David, once residence of a courtyard of Shalom Aleichem Houses located at Giles Place Sedgwick Avenue Bronx.
The trees and shrubs that we have planted many years ago are growing strong as visioned & planned thanks to the donations from tenants, management and us.
It took over 8 years of good daily hard work. 
We do not live here anymore but we do keep updated with the garden progress by visiting the courtyard 2x a year and by word of mouth from tenants.
As much as we love the garden, we also live our life and welcome it's many opportunities. 

Change in our Mission:
We are requesting that you share this website with many of your Bronx friends and family so that they may also use it for ideas in their own neighborhoods and in their own buildings.

The Bronx borough is truly one big courtyard where we are surrounded by it's protective walls, buildings and an open sky of dreams. 

1) The Greening of Mosholu Parkway and in the process of incorporating Friends of Mosholu Parkland.
2) Beautification curbs for Bronx apartment buildings.

This website Bronx Courtyard will have a new focus on providing more green renovations of projects that we come to know.
This is a place of beauty filled with evergreens for consistency...
trees for stability...
roses for strength and endurance...
and blooming flowers for dreams that do come come true. 

It's a new year...
It's 2013.

All Pictures Are Real.
Entrance of gardens          Angel statue                    View from window

Courtyard in the fall.           Rear buildings/Yoshino     Entrance/Iris
Welcome into the courtyards.
Above pictures during spring/summer. Below pictures during fall/winter. (2008)
Courtyard has several addresses:
1) 3451 Giles Place
2) 3605 Sedgwick
3) 68 West 238th St
4) Cannon Place
Welcome into this courtyard apartment development.
Originally named "The Sholem Aleichem Houses", it has seen dramatic courtyard changes throughout it's years.                                                                           

Several years of hard work, determination, persistence, volunteer hours, team work (in an independent way) private donations and on-site management have helped turned what use to be a voided courtyard around into several gardens.

Entranceway of Building A on Giles Place.               Azaleas & Daffodils front of Building M,N & O

Looking into the center courtyard from Building A    Landscape located front of courtyard entrance.

when the courtyard was younger Pictures taken before 2009.

God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, nor sun without rain...
But He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

Lilac Bush
Building E&F.                 Spring Bulbs                    Baby Azalea                   
Bronx Courtyard website is for residing tenants who want to view & learn about the gardens in more detail and stay connected. It is also for tenants living in courtyard apartment buildings like these who are looking for ideas to improve their own neighborhood and their own quality of life.
Wishful Thinking
To establish a non-for-profit organization that focuses on renovating and maintaining botanicals for rent stabilized Bronx apartments with small, medium or large courtyards. Create incentives and have yearly garden competitions. I would name it the Bronx Courtyards Botanical Organization.

(Maybe someday...)

One Day At A Time...
Petunias                                                 Marigolds for the summer.
Our STORY Updated for 2013
  It's over 12 years since Elizabeth and David began the garden transformation project. The result is what you see today.
We no longer keep our apartment in building A, and we no longer continue working and volunteering in the courtyard but we do come 2x a year to oversee it's progress.

It has not been easy.  Opinions of how gardens should be maintained vary greatly.
However regardless of the petty differences, it's the well being of the gardens that is the goal.  Thank Goodness:)
We have worked on the soils enough to get one or two tenants motivated to do their own flower garden even if it's right outside their window.

Life has been busy taking care of family, working full- full-time & maintaining 2 homes. With all that, we do miss the gardens and think of them daily.

I look forward to seeing the spring trees blooming every April.
In reference to your apartment inquiries and issues, as much as I would like to help you solve them---I can't. You must contact your building manager.
For disturbances inside/outside the courtyard, any criminal activity, loud car alarms please contact the 50th Police Station at 718-543-5700
Middle courtyard years ago!                Lilac bush & White Crabapple front of building D.
Buildings C, D, E, & F
Center courtyard.               Flowering Japanese Kwansan Trees buildings G,H,I J
The garden is filled with flowering trees for spring, evergreen bushes, and flowers. There are touches of whimsy throughout it's paths. Many families living here for a great length of time. Ever wonder about those who lived in our own apartments generations ago?
Building C/White Dogwood     View from under Crab-apple at building D.